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10" - MFC One Handed Foal Nipper

10" - MFC Miniature Hoof Nipper

Item #: MFC10
12" - NC Spring Loaded Nipper

Item #: NC12NIP
12" - Mustad Blackened Nipper

Item #: 60032
12" - Kahn Hoof Nippers

Item #: KAHN12NIP
12" - G.E. EZ Hoof Nippers

Item #: 12GE
12" - G.E. Half Round Hoof Nipper

Item #: 12GEHRNIP
14" - Nordic Hoof Nipper

Item #: 104PFH
14" - Mustad Blackened Nipper

Item #: 60001
14" - Kahn Hoof Nippers

Item #: KAHN14NIP
14" - Kahn Race Track Nippers

14" - MFC Racetrack Hoof Nipper

Item #: MFC14RT
14" - MFC Hoof Nipper

Item #: MFC14
14" - G.E. EZ Racetrack Nippers

Item #: 14GERT
14" - G.E. EZ Hoof Nippers

Item #: 14GEEZ
15" - Diamond Hoof Nipper

Item #: FN15
15" - Mustad Blackened Nipper

Item #: 60015
15" - Nordic Viking Polished Nipper

Item #: NF15PN
15" - Kahn Hoof Nippers

Item #: KAHN15NIP
15" - Kahn Hoof Nipper - Easy Handle

15" - MFC Hoof Nipper

Item #: MFC15
15" - G.E. Flushcut Hoof Nipper

Item #: 04602

Make the Right Cut With Hoof Nippers From Centaur Forge

Owning a pair of sharp and precise hoof nippers is essential for any farrier. Maximizing control over cuts while ensuring the safety of your horse is of the highest priority in proper hoof trimming. Centaur Forge can help you find a pair of horse hoof nippers that meet your needs.

Farrier Nippers for Every Occasion

No matter your preference or experience level, Centaur Forge has the farrier nippers you need. Some of the styles of hoof trimmers we offer include:

  • Original style. For a classic grip and cut, choose original-style horse nippers. They are well-balanced in control, weight and cut, and highly suitable for a variety of trimming needs.
  • Easy hoof nippers. Easy hoof nippers for horses use a finer cutting edge and smaller design for on-the-spot trimming that can be especially useful for performance horses. They also reduce fatigue with lighter weight and higher precision.
  • Spring-loaded nippers. Our spring-loaded enable superior single-handed control using an internal spring that helps to hold handles open. A jam bolt holds the handles closed for easy storage so farriers can use spring-loaded hoof nippers for horses of all kinds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hoof Nippers

Finding the right hoof nippers can be confusing. To help you make the right selection, we have answered a few common questions about hoof nippers below.

What Size Hoof Nippers Do I Need?

The size of the hoof trimmer you need will depend on the size of the horse's hooves. Most standard-sized horses will require a 14" or 15" hoof nipper, while smaller horses or foals may require a smaller size. It's important to choose a size that is appropriate for the horse you will be working with.

What Are Half Round Hoof Nippers For?

Half round hoof nippers are a specialty tool designed for use on the bottom of the hoof, where the concave shape can make it difficult to use a standard hoof nipper. The half round shape allows the user to make clean, precise cuts in this area, which is important for maintaining proper hoof balance and preventing injury to the horse.

Why Do Farriers Trim Hooves?

Farriers trim hooves to maintain proper balance and support for the horse's weight and movement. Horses that do not have properly trimmed hooves can experience a range of problems, including lameness, discomfort and poor performance. Regular trimming by a skilled farrier can help prevent these issues and ensure the horse remains healthy and comfortable.

Find the High-Quality Hoof Nippers You Need at Centaur Forge

If you're a farrier, veterinarian or horse owner in need of reliable, high-quality hoof nippers, look no further than Centaur Forge. With a wide selection of sizes and styles to choose from, including specialty nippers for specific applications, you're sure to find the perfect farrier tools for your needs. And with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can be confident in your purchase.

Order your hoof nippers from Centaur Forge today and keep your horses healthy, comfortable and performing at their best.