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14" - SaveEdge Rasp

$31.85 each for 6 or more
14" - SaveEdge Extra Wide Beast Rasp

Item #: 14BEAST
$38.88 each for 6 or more
17" - SaveEdge Extra Wide Beast Rasp

Item #: 17BEAST
$43.50 each for 6 or more
14" - SaveEdge Photo Finish Finishing Rasp

$33.81 each for 6 or more

SaveEdge Rasps

Save Edge is the leader in rasps of all kinds, based in Xenia, Ohio. The original Save Edge rasp is an industry standard, and the company is known for its sharp and reliable hoof rasps that offer lasting performance. Save Edge is trusted by farriers all over the country for expertly constructed rasps with aggressive filing action.

Save Edge Original Horse Rasps

The original Save Edge rasp is the workhorse in the farrier's tool kit. The "Original" rasp has a smooth yet aggressive cutting action with a premium tooth design and high-quality sharpening process. For a rasp that gets the job done, choose the Save Edge Original.

Save Edge "Beast" Filing and Cutting Rasp

One of Save Edge's newer innovations, the Beast rasp is extra wide to provide more cutting surface. This invention allows farriers to create a level hoof in fewer strokes, reducing their work load. Available in 14" and 17" sizes, the Beast Rasp is a rasp invention you'll love.

Save Edge Finishing Rasp

If you need a finishing rasp, the Save Edge Final Touch is the right choice for you. The fine side of this rasp polishes hooves as smooth as glass. For the best finishing rasp, choose Save Edge's Final Touch.

All Save Edge's rasps are high-quality steel designed in the USA and used throughout the world by professional farriers. Centaur Forge is proud to offer Save Edge Rasps to our customers.

Order Save Edge Rasps from Centaur Forge

Centaur Forge has the rasps from Save Edge you need for your farrier business or personal use. We go beyond just a checkout process-we have the information you need about equine matters, blacksmithing, and more. Our professional customer service team is trained to help you with any questions about the products we sell. Call us at (262) 763-9175 so we can help you find the Save Edge rasp you need today.