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Horseshoe Pulloffs


12" - Diamond Puller/Spreader

Item #: SP12D
12" - G.E. EZ Pull Offs

Item #: GEPULL12
14" - Nordic Pull Offs

Item #: 106P
Mustad Premium Pull Off
Mustad Premium Pull Off

Item #: 70060
14" - G.E. EZ Pull Offs

Item #: GEPULL14

Farrier Pull Offs and Other Horseshoe Removal Tools

As a farrier, you need a well-balanced horseshoe pull off so you can remove horseshoes with ease. Centaur Forge offers a variety of Diamond, G.E., Nordic, and Mustad pull offs for sale in multiple sizes. Pull offs allow farriers to remove or widen a horseshoe and even cut nails. They're a necessity for farriers and for some horse owners' personal use. A good set of pull offs will help keep a horse's hooves and nails in fine condition, so order yours from Centaur Forge today.

Depending on the size of the hooves, you'll need different horseshoe removal tools. Centaur Forge offers 12" and 14" pull offs, as well as puller/spreaders. You can find blackened and polished varieties to match your preference. Choose your favorite brand and find the farrier pull off that's right for your work.

Pull Off Horseshoes with Ease at Centaur Forge

Here at Centaur Forge, we're passionate about farrier work and love horses as much as you do. Our dedicated customer service staff is here to welcome your feedback and answer questions about our products. We offer flat rate shipping that makes your ordering process easier. Contact us today for help with your order for farrier pull offs.