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Hoof Stands for Horses


Hoof Stands

Hoof stands are indispensable for horse owners and farriers who take no shortcuts when caring for their horses. Fortunately, such a vital piece of equipment now benefits from the innovations of modern-day technology to create an equine care tool that's all-encompassing.

Those who work with horses can enjoy the utility of farrier-made hoof stands for horseshoeing and horse hoof trimming that combine modern convenience with old-world-quality construction.

Hoofjack Hoof Stands

Hoofjack hoof stands have a polyethylene base, powerful pull-magnets for your equipment, superior stability, and are easily transportable. Multiple size options accommodate different horse sizes, and the Hoofjack warranty is nearly impossible to beat.

NC Hoof Stands & Cradles

The NC hoof stand combines the pure utility of a horse hoof trimming and shoeing stand with convenient tool storage and interchangeability fitting of today's most hard-working farriers and horse owners. Anti-slip hoof rests, adjustable-height construction, and tough-as-nails base structure work seamlessly with the NC hoof stand cradle to adjust to the height of your animals.

Hoof Stands Backed by Centaur Forge Service

Buying and shipping your farrier hoof stands with Centaur Forge doesn't end once your purchase is complete. Each of our customer service specialists is prepared to answer any questions you have about our best hoof stand products. Talk to us about your farrier and blacksmith projects and we'll make sure you find the hoof stands for sale that fit your needs today.