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14" - Heller Red Tang Rasp

$29.50 each for 5 or more
14" - Heller Blackmaster Rasp

Item #: SIMAX
$34.20 each for 5 or more
17" - Heller Draft Big Hoof Rasp

Item #: SIM-17
$34.20 each for 5 or more
14" - Heller Legend Rasp

Item #: HRASP
$29.20 each for 5 or more
14" - Heller Black Legend Rasp

Item #: BHRASP
$33.90 each for 5 or more
14" - Heller eXceL Original Rasp

Item #: EXCEL
$34.20 each for 5 or more
14" - Heller Excel Legend Rasp

$34.20 each for 5 or more
14" - Heller Pro Finish Finishing File

$28.44 each for 5 or more

Buy Heller Rasps from Centaur Forge Today

With over 150 years of traditions, Heller rasps are designed and crafted by Heller International, part of the prestigious Mustad group. Since 1836 when George Heller started producing rasps and files in Newark, NJ, Heller has been a renowned name in farrier workshops and smithies alike.

If you're looking for quality horse rasps that stay sharp for your business, consider a Heller rasp. Throughout multiple transitions, one thing has remained true about Heller-the quality.

 Heller Red Tang Rasp

With its state-of-the-art sharpening and superior tooth design, the Red Tang is one of the sharpest, most enduring rasps available. It's best used for rasping hard and dry hooves with its fine teeth that can easily remove foreign material.

Heller Legend Hoof Rasp

One of Heller's best-selling rasps, the Legend, is also one of Centaur Forge's top-selling options. Measuring 14 inches, the Legend is a favorite among farriers everywhere for its sharpness and resilience after use with many horses.

Centaur Forge Knows Heller Rasps

Once you've chosen the rasps you need, Centaur Forge's support doesn't stop. We have a professional and knowledgeable customer support team here to answer any questions you have and help with your order. Contact us today about your current projects, and we'll help you find the Heller rasps you need.