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Wolf Jaw Tongs

Centaur Forge carries the tools and supplies blacksmiths and farriers need to complete their work. Tongs are an essential tool in any blacksmith's toolbox, and wolf jaw tongs are a versatile, almost universal variety. We offer affordable options from our in-house brand and Peddinghaus, so you can find the perfect tongs to suit your working style. It's time to improve your work with quality tongs from Centaur Forge-be safer and more efficient with your new wolf jaw tongs.

Options from Centaur Forge

Here at Centaur Forge, we're committed to sourcing and providing you with the tools and materials you need to perform your best work in the smithy or barn . Wolf jaw tongs are known as the universal tong because they can grip multiple types and sizes of stock, compared to specialized models.

Our Centaur Forge wolf jaw tongs are made from lightweight 8560-grade steel and feature balls at the end of the reins to afford you maximum control. We offer 12- and 14-inch sizes.

Peddinghaus wolf jaw tongs are imported from Germany and are renowned for their excellent craftsmanship, flexibility, and value for the quality. Just like our in-house brand, they can be utilized for many kinds of stock due to their versatility. We carry 300, 400, and 500mm sizes from Peddinghaus.

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Today is the right time to order wolf jaw tongs from Centaur Forge. We've been supplying blacksmith and farrier supplies for over five decades and know how to assist our customers in finding the products they need. Our experienced customer service staff is here to answer your questions and help you with your order. Centaur Forge is committed to giving you a great deal, with flat rate shipping available to the United States.

Call us at (800) 666-9175 or place your order online. Order your set of wolf jaw tongs from Centaur Forge today to improve your smithing!