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14" - Bellota Classic Rasp

Buy 6 or more for $28.30 each
8" - Bellota Top Sharp Mini Rasp w/ Handle

Buy 6 or more for $25.37 each
14" - Bellota Top Sharp Rasp

Item #: SHARP
Buy 6 or more for $28.40 each
14" - Bellota Razor Plus Rasp

Item #: RAZOR
Buy 6 or more for $28.90 each
14" - Bellota Raptor Rasp - Extra Wide

Item #: RAPTOR
Buy 6 or more for $34.50 each
14" - Bellota Top Level Rasp

Buy 6 or more for $28.90 each
14" - Bellota Top Finish Flat File

Buy 6 or more for $28.00 each
14" - Bellota Prime Finish Plus Finish File

Buy 6 or more for $28.00 each
17" - Bellota Raptor Plus Rasp - Extra Wide

Item #: RAPTOR17
Buy 6 or more for $40.00 each

Bellota Rasps

Bellota is a tool-manufacturing company that makes precision cutting tools for various industrial uses. Their expertise is an advantage to farriers - their rasps come with the same precision tuning and construction that makes the rest of their tool line so useful and widely renowned.

Advantages of the Bellota Rasp

A rasp has to serve two functions - cut and file well, and ensure the comfort and health of the horse. Bellota rasps do so through their unique features:

  • High-Grade Materials - Tough metals allow cutting tools to stay sharper longer and, in turn, remain part of your toolkit for the foreseeable future. That means you'll have to do less maintenance and replacing for the tools you expect (and need) to work efficiently on-the-spot.
  • One-of-a-Kind Tooth Design - Detailed, sharp, and efficient tooth design keeps farriers from having to stroke aggressively to achieve hoof health. In the beginning stages, a light stroke takes care of hoof maintenance perfectly.
  • Size Options - Bellota rasps come in regular and mini sizes to adjust to your very specific equine needs. For foals, miniature horses, and ponies, mini rasps work incredibly well.

All rasp sizes and builds come with the same intensive attention to detail that has brought Bellota rasps to the attention of the world's most celebrated farriers. Test one yourself to find out how the long life and aggressive construction of the Bellota rasp can change your equine experience.

Rasps from Centaur Forge Come with Expert Customer Care

Ordering your Bellota rasps from Centaur Forge isn't just a pay-and-go process. We also warmly welcome your feedback with the help of a highly trained and professional customer service staff. They're fully prepared to answer any questions you have about our best products. Talk to us about your farrier and blacksmith projects and we'll make sure you find the Bellota rasps that fit your needs today.