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Driving Hammers


Farrier Driving Hammers for Sale

Centaur Forge carries the best driving hammers to help farriers flawlessly drive nails through the shoe and into the hoof wall of the horse. Reach your full farrier potential with an effective driving hammer that holds its shape and can pull out nails easily with its claw (backside). Centaur Forge offers a wide selection of the best farrier driving hammers on the market, including top brands like Diamond, NC Octagon, Nordic, and Jim Poor. Choose the right driving hammer to improve your horseshoeing skills today.

Why Choose a Driving Hammer?

A farrier driving hammer looks like a carpenter's claw hammer, with a flat face on one end of the head and a claw on the back end for removing nails from the horse's hoof. The compact solid mass of the head is heavy and able to push the nail in without any deformation, while the claw is the right size to pull and remove nails. Most of the options available from Centaur Forge include a forged steel head and a solid wooden handle. With high-quality steel and a smooth grip, you'll reduce vibration and be able to effortlessly stroke the hammer.

Driving it in with Centaur Forge Hammers

Centaur Forge understands what kind of equipment farriers and blacksmiths need for their daily work. First-rate driving hammers improve your experience in shoeing horses and performing metalwork. We offer the best assortment of farrier driving hammers so you can find the right choice for your workshop.

Contact us today: our customer service team can answer your questions about our products or help you with your order. Blacksmiths and farriers have been choosing Centaur Forge since 1960. We have the experience and knowledge you need to find the right tools, including farrier driving hammers.