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10" - MFC One Handed Foal Nipper

Item Number: MFCFOAL
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Detailed Description

  • The MFC 10" One Handed Foal Nipper comes with a 1" wide cutting blade and H-13 head and stainless steel handle.
  • This foal nipper has hooks that go over the top of your hand and fingers, enabling you to open the nipper with only the one hand while you hold the hoof of the fractious baby with the other hand.
  • No more need for a nipper spring which seems to work okay in your hand but then does not go nicely into the shoeing box.
  • Ideal for horseshoers who do a lot of breeding farm work, or who do a lot of miniature horses.
  • The 1" wide blade edge is hardened to Rockwell 65 hardness, the base of the blade to 60, and the handles to 50 (so they will not bend).
  • All MFC hand tools come with a 6 month guarantee against defects.

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