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Blacksmith Fire Tongs for Sale

Centaur Forge is proud to offer a wide choice of blacksmith tongs we make in-house and from other manufacturers like Bloom Forge and Peddinghaus. There are a multitude of tong options out there for blacksmiths, but specialized fire tongs from Centaur Forge can help you accomplish your goals better. Dedicated blacksmith fire tongs from Centaur Forge can help you perform forge work more safely. With a large selection of fire tongs in different sizes, you'll find what you need from Centaur Forge.

Fire Tongs for Your Farrier Needs

Fire tongs are sometimes known as farrier tongs, as they're useful for holding horseshoes during forging and shaping. Blacksmiths also use fire tongs for specific purposes. Universal tongs can never meet every blacksmith or farrier's needs, so get fire tongs for shaping horseshoes, heating knives, and more.

Order Fire Tongs to Upgrade Your Smithy

Whatever your blacksmith or farrier needs, Centaur Forge can help. We help supply shops and forges across the nation with the tools they need for everyday work. Centaur Forge is dedicated to our customers, helping them with any questions they have and addressing their concerns. We always welcome your feedback and review it frequently with our customer service staff. Order your blacksmith fire tongs from Centaur Forge today or contact us for more information about anything blacksmith or farrier-related. We're ready to help you get the right tools for your farrier workshop or smithy.