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NC Forges

A gas forge has the potential to profoundly affect the efficiency of your metal worker. Though you may work as a farrier, blacksmith or both, your forge is an indispensable element of your work, and thus, you should never compromise on quality. At Centaur Forge, we're proud to carry premium tools and products from NC Tool Company. From the Whisper Baby Single-Burner Atmospheric Forge to the Knifemaker 21 Three-Burner Gas Forge, we have a wide selection of NC forges to choose from.

The Best Ease-of-Use Features with NC Forges

NC forges and tools have set the standard for modern metalworking. With every NC forge, you'll enjoy:


  • Push-Button Ignition - Turn on the heat immediately; your forge is ready to work as soon as you are.
  • Uniform Heat - No need to focus your work in the hot spots; every area of your NC Tool forge is uniformly heated up to 2,350.
  • Quick Recovery - Hammer your piece to perfection with ultra-fast heating and reheating.

High-Efficiency Burners

Get the most out of your fuel when you work with NC's high-efficiency gas forge burners. They stretch the life of your propane to its limit, so you can focus on stocking your products, not restocking your fuel.

Lightweight Body for Work on the Go

A gas forge doesn't have to be a mammoth to work well. NC keeps their tool forges sturdy but light, so you can take your workstation anywhere you need heat.

Choose Your Fuel

You can't always rely on the same fuel supply, so NC gas forges allow you to hook up propane or, with minimal reconfiguring, natural gas. Select the fuel that fits your budget and convenience with high-quality NC Tool forges.

Centaur Forge Makes It Easy

Ordering NC Tool gas forges from Centaur Forge isn't just a checkout process. We're also on standby with a highly trained and professional customer service staff ready to answer any questions you have about our top products. Talk to us about your farrier and blacksmith projects and we'll make sure you find the best gas forge for sale that fits your needs today.

Purchasing for a School?

Keep in mind, a Baso Thermocouple Safety Kit is required for all school settings. It's a safety mechanism that shuts the fuel off when the forge flame is not detected, preventing possible fire hazard and/or asphyxiation.