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Specialty Hammers


Specialty Hammers from Centaur Forge

Centaur Forge knows you need more than one hammer to complete a job. Whether you're a blacksmith or a farrier, we offer a wide selection of specialty hammers for every forging and shoeing need. Check out planishing, chasing, stretching, embossing, bordering, and grooving hammers from Centaur Forge. You'll find well-known brands like Peddinghaus and Kanca, among others. Order the specialty hammers you need, like a handheld planishing hammer or a stretching hammer, from Centaur Forge today.

What Do Different Types of Hammers Do?

  • Planishing Hammers- This hammer is used to refine the outer surface of curved and flat forms, to help remove hammer marks introduced during raising and forming. Their faces are round or square with a slightly curved or flat surface.
  • Embossing Hammer- You'll use an embossing hammer to create an elevated area by striking metal from behind. This type of hammer is similar in shape, but smaller than a typical forming hammer, and has two different face sizes.
  • Chasing Hammer- This hammer has a large face to strike the end of chasing tools or punches and is not used directly in contact with your work. It's easily identified by its one bulbous end and one thin end.
  • Bordering Hammer- This tool forms a rim on a bowl or platter. Its cross section is a narrow rectangle with a pronounced vertical curve.

Get Your Specialty Hammers from Centaur Forge

Centaur Forge is here to walk you through your purchase of specialty hammers for your workshop or forge. Whatever hammers you need, from a grooving hammer to a planishing hammer, we'll help you pick the right one for your needs. Our educated staff is ready to answer your questions and address your feedback. Contact us today to order your hammers from Centaur Forge.