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Left Hand - Hall Hoof Knife - Drop Blade
Left Hand - Hall Hoof Knife - Drop Blade

Item #: 13015

Farrier Hoof Knives

Here at Centaur Forge, we offer a wide range of hoof trimming knives for your farrier needs. Hoof trimming and upkeep is necessary for optimal horse health, to trim away loose, dried out sole or ragged frogs. Whether you need a hoof knife for personal use or your farrier workshop, Centaur Forge has the brands you love, including Anvil, Bloom, F. Dick, and Victorinox.

If youíre looking for the best hoof knife, Centaur Forge has the options you need. We have hoof knives for sale for all types of horses and farriers. Youíll find the right option for your workmanship, one thatís comfortable in your hand. Trust Centaur Forge to provide the best horse hoof knives for your business, as well as a variety of farrier tools to meet your needs.

Hoof Trimming Knives

Centaur Forge offers an assortment of hoof knives with different blades and handles to fit your ideal comfort. Whether youíre right- or left-handed, prefer a curved or straight blade, and like metal or wooden handles, we have options for you. Choose from our wide selection of horse hoof knives today.

Horse Knives for Sale

Bring your farrier workshop to the next level by purchasing hoof knives from Centaur Forge! We have the right horse hoof knives to meet your needs. Weíve been in business since 1960 and know everything there is to know about horses and blacksmith work. We can help you get the information and equipment you need.

Centaur Forge offers easy flat rate shipping, so you know you're getting your products for a great price. Call us at (800) 666-9175 for any questions or to place a special order. Let us help you order the right hoof knife today.