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Tools for Farriers

Farrier Supplies and Horseshoeing Tools

A farrier's job is exhaustive; our most skilled farriers must be masters of veterinary care and duly able in the fine art of smithing. A farrier has to strive to spare horses from pain and discomfort when working with the hoof, the most vulnerable part of the horse. He or she must treat unhealthy hooves and maintain healthy ones using properly fitted horseshoes and high-quality farrier tools such as rasps, nippers, and hoof knives.

Accordingly, Centaur Forge cuts no corners when developing and choosing the horse farrier tools we have for sale. Farrier equipment should be prepared to help the world's best farriers forge a quality product every time, so we make sure our tools do a superior job.

Horseshoe Farrier Supplies that Span the Catalog

A fully equipped farrier is one with the experience to know that problems can arise from shoeing when you least expect them. That's why it's vital to have on hand a complete supply of horse farrier tools for your most taxing jobs. Luckily, you can get them all in one place from Centaur Forge.

We carry such well-respected brands as N.C. Tool, G.E., Bloom, SaveEdge, Bellota, Heller, Vettec, Mustad, and of course our very own Centaur Forge products. By supplying the most trusted names in horseshoe and farrier tools and equipment for sale, we keep farriers happy and customers coming back.

Equipment Crafted by and for Farriers

Knowing the processes and methods of the farrier's trade helps build a tool that works thoroughly and stands up to the toughest jobs. Our supplies put the farrier, and the horse, first. Centaur Forge is your ultimate, lowest-cost, and speediest way to buy your essential farrier equipment and supplies. Stock up on horseshoeing tools today!