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At Centaur Forge, we're your ultimate destination for premium horseshoes for sale. Our curated selection meets the needs of both professional farriers and horse owners, providing horseshoes crafted for durability, comfort, and performance. From aluminum horseshoes to specialized variants, we offer a variety of horse shoes for sale, all engineered for superior fit and functionality. Choose Centaur Forge for your next purchase and experience the quality that sets us apart in the industry.

Buy Professional Horseshoes from Centaur Forge 

If you're looking to buy high-quality horseshoes, trust Centaur Forge. We carry the best brands in the business, including:

We stock a wide variety of different shapes and sizes from ponies up to draft horseshoes and everything in between.

We offer all types of horseshoes for sale, including aluminum horseshoes, steel horseshoes and synthetic horseshoes for your horses and farrier workshop. If you're looking for new horseshoes in bulk, we have you covered. Upgrade your horseshoes today with the farrier experts at Centaur Forge.

We love horses and care about supplying you with the best equipment available. Whether you ride horses occasionally or you're a professional farrier, horseshoes from Centaur Forge are essential.

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Farriers fit horseshoes by trade, preparing horse feet for fitting and fitting the appropriate shoe. Farriers can help choose the right shoe for your horse, and Centaur Forge has the options you need.

With a variety of brands and materials, our catalog of high-quality new horseshoes for sale offers horse owners and farriers alike great options to purchase. Browse through our selection of horseshoes today to find the right option for your house or farrier workshop.

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If you're ready to upgrade your horseshoes today, order professional horseshoes from Centaur Forge. We've been experts in the farrier and blacksmithing business since 1960 and we have the brands, experience, and knowledge you need.

With our competitive shipping costs, it's easy to get your order started today. Centaur Forge is your best resource for hoof care products, farrier supplies, and horseshoeing tools. Call us at 262-763-9175 to ask us any questions or to place a special order. We're happy to help you in any way we can.