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Centaur Swage Block A
Centaur Swage Block A

Centaur Swage Block B
Centaur Swage Block B

Centaur Mini Swage Block
Centaur Mini Swage Block

1" - Centaur Mini-Mandrel Cone

Mini Swage Block v2- Melton Forge Works
Mini Swage Block v2- Melton Forge Works

Item #: MELTON2

Swage Blocks

Enhance your metalworking capabilities with the superior quality of swage blocks from Centaur Forge. These versatile blacksmith tools are essential for any workshop, designed for shaping, sinking, and cutting metal. Our swage block for sale options offer an array of configurations to suit your specific needs. Whether you're in need of traditional or specialized blacksmith swages, Centaur Forge is your one-stop-shop for premium swage blocks. Experience craftsmanship and functionality like never before with our expertly designed products.

Blacksmith Swage Blocks and Cone Mandrels for Sale

Although they're not the first tools you might think of, swage blocks and cone mandrels can be an essential part of a blacksmith's toolkit. A blacksmith swage block is a large, heavy block of cast iron or steel used for shaping, sinking, and molding utensils. There are a variety of swage blocks with different piecing holes, often specialized for certain products. A cone mandrel is an expanding mandrel, which can be used to form certain metal objects. Centaur Forge offers several swage blocks for sale, as well as a mini-mandrel cone to help you be a better, more precise blacksmith.

Why a Swage Block or Cone Mandrel is Right for You

Instead of using a stump to sink your bowls, ladles, spoons, and other manufactured pieces, a swage block will last much longer. A stump can wear out in just several years and only last several hundred uses. A blacksmith's swage block is several tools in one and can last the equivalent of lifetimes. With various shapes including semi-circular, hexagonal, and square, a swage block can save you time and effort. A cone mandrel can help you size rings, as well as other circular objects. It's a useful tool in any blacksmith's arsenal.

Get Great Customer Service from Centaur Forge

Centaur Forge has been a leader in supplying blacksmith and farrier supplies for over five decades. We know the industry and our products, and we have the experience to help you with your order. Centaur Forge is committed to giving you the best deal by offering flat rate shipping to U.S. customers.

Give us a call at (262) 763-9175 or place your order online, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Order your swage block or mandrel cone from Centaur Forge and improve your blacksmithing.