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W-Brand Large Hoof Tester
W-Brand Large Hoof Tester

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Centaur Round Hoof Testers
Centaur Round Hoof Testers

Centaur Adjustable Hoof Testers
Centaur Adjustable Hoof Testers


Hoof Testers

Because hoof care is such a precise scientific endeavor, farriers and horse owners demand high-performance, precision tools to accomplish their daily tasks. Even the slightest miscalculation could cause grave injury to a horse, so skilled horse care specialists rely on top-notch horse hoof testers to help them diagnose and provide care with complete accuracy.

W-Brand Hoof Testers

W-Brand emphasizes the qualities of classic farrier tool design and construction. They make practical-use tools from steel in the fashion farriers have used generation after generation. Take advantage of the time-tested composition of W-Brand horse hoof testers to ensure that you enjoy accurate testing results hundreds of years in the making.

Centaur Hoof Testers

Centaur horse hoof testers improve upon vintage hoof tester models by using affordable-yet-strong modern metals and forging with today's most efficient strengthening techniques. The unique craftsmanship enables pressure variation while testing horse hoofs to find out where problem areas are located and how deep they go. Superior control from the Centaur horse hoof testers for sale at Centaur Forge will ensure that you waste no time diagnosing and mending pressing hoof issues.

Hoof Testers Backed by Centaur Forge Customer Service

Getting your horse hoof testers from Centaur Forge comes with our friendly customer service, as well. Each of our customer service specialists is eager to answer any questions you have about our products. Talk to us about your farrier and blacksmith projects and we'll make sure you find the hoof testers for sale that fit your needs today.