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The Mid-Victorian Elwell Catalogue of Forged Tools

The Mid-Victorian Elwell Catalogue of Forged Tools
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By Roy Arnold

A facsimile of a Victorian (1870) catalogue of this most important manufacturer of every imaginable forged tool or object: bill hooks, axes, adzes, chisels, anchors, eel spears, locomotive firing shovels, horseshoes and many more. The names of some of the tools indicate the world-wide custom the firm had: Russian miners hammers, Spanish bowl adzes, Australian half-bright chipping hoe, New Zealand sinking pick, Bechuana grubbing hoes, Peruvian hedge bill, . Introduction by Richard Filmer. "This superbly reproduced illustrated catalogue.....The original document is very rare." The Black Countryman" magazine.

98 pages, Paperback, black and white illustrations