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Blacksmith Tongs for Sale from Centaur Forge

Centaur Forge offers a wide range of blacksmith and farrier tongs designed for various purposes. While there isn't a universal set of tongs designed to do everything, at Centaur Forge you'll find the right tools for your purposes. We produce many tongs in-house and carry Peddinghaus tongs, Bloom and Diamond Fire tongs for farrier work, and more. Don't just get by with existing tongs, pliers, and accessories: get the tongs for blacksmithing that will improve your work. You'll be performing safer and more efficient work with Centaur Forge tongs.

Centaur Forge's Selection of Blacksmith and Farrier Tongs

All Centaur Forge tongs are made from lightweight 8560-grade steel, and other brands we carry are also designed and built to high standards. These are several common tongs you'll find in our online store:

  • Box Jaw Tongs-- These tongs are designed to hold flat bar stock and, thanks to their narrow jaws, are also great for knifemakers and metalworkers who use metal sheets.
  • Fire Tongs (Farrier Tongs)-- Fire tongs are often referred to as farrier tongs because they're useful for holding horseshoes while you're forging and shaping them. While that's their primary use, many blacksmiths use these tongs for various purposes.
  • Rivet Tongs-- These tongs are made to pull rivets in and out of the fire and to hold them steady when you're striking them.

Centaur Forge Blacksmith Tongs Pull for You

If you have any questions about buying blacksmith or farrier tongs, contact us today. Buy your blacksmith tongs from Centaur Forge today!