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Blacksmith Forge Fire Pot

As a blacksmith, burning coal or coke is a necessity for forging and welding. Choosing blacksmith forge parts from Centaur Forge will help you on your way to becoming more experienced. Centaur Forge offers a variety of models that can withstand the heat of coal forges, many of which come with fitted ash dumps for ease of use. Browse the in-house Centaur Forge collection to find the coal forge firepot or firebowl that's right for your smithy.

Difference Between a Forge Firepot and Firebowl

While coal is the popular choice for blacksmithing, coke burns hotter and is useful for certain applications. If you're mostly burning coal, a firebowl is the preferred choice, but prolonged coke use can break the blacksmith forge parts over time. A firebowl is deep and allows you to push the piece you're working with farther in and examine your work more closely. Firebowls are quite simple and often lack elbow assemblies and ashgates.

Coal forge firepots, however, are more suited to burning coke and have a thicker diameter to handle the intense heat of forging or welding with a coke fire. Firepots can be installed into masonry or steel forges, and many models are suitable for farrier work. Talk to a Centaur Forge customer service representative to determine which model is best suited for your needs.

Blacksmith Coal Forge Parts from Centaur Forge

Centaur Forge is your source for blacksmith parts whether you need to purchase your first forge firepot or require replacement parts. We're ready to answer any questions you have about our products, including firepots or firebowls. Contact us today to place your order and improve your blacksmithing skills. We've got the knowledge and blacksmith forge parts to facilitate your metalworking