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12 Round Mini Firebowl Only without Elbow Assembly

12 Round Mini Firebowl Only without Elbow Assembly
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Detailed Description

  • Please note: the Mini Firebowl is not drilled and tapped.
  • This firebowl does not come with the elbow or ashgate.

  • Coal is the most popular choice for blacksmithing.
  • If you burn mostly Coal, we recommend using either the Mini Round Firebowl or the Centaur Vulcan Firebowl.
  • You can burn Coke in either of these firebowls occasionally, but if you choose to burn Coke on a regular basis, the Mini Round Firebowl will crack sooner.
  • As stated above, the Coke Firebowl will last longer with the higher temperatures of Coke.

  • Coal does not burn as hot as Coke, but that does not mean it is not good.
  • You can forge weld with Coal and you can disintegrate your pieces in Coal if you are not careful.
  • The advantage with working with Coal is that you are able to watch your pieces more carefully and if you are working with multiple pieces at one time, you have the advantage of knowing you have a few extra moments to work one piece while taking a heat on another piece.

  • We recommend that if you are a beginning blacksmith, that you choose one of our Coal firepots.
  • The 12" Mini Firebowl is great for horseshoeing and medium to light general blacksmithing.

  • 12" outside diameter
  • 9" inside diameter
  • 3" deep
  • Material: Cast Iron

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