Dayton 12 volt Blower

Dayton 12 volt Blower
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Detailed Description

The Dayton 12 volt Blower is made to run on a car battery. It is not as powerful as the Centaur PB50VS or the Hand Crank blower, but works well with smaller forges or if you want to be able to run an electric blower when there is no electricity. The Dayton Blower is lightweight, quiet and reliable. Unfortunately, we do not have the Speed Control for the Dayton 12 volt Blower. If you choose to run the Dayton 12 volt Blower without a speed control, the blower will run at full speed. The negative (-) lead is 36" long and the positive (+) is 8" long.

The features of the Dayton 12 volt Blower are
- Lightweight sheet metal housing, finished in black enamel
- 4-1/2" squirrel cage blower wheel to move air
- 4-1/4" inlet, 3-1/8" H x 3" W square outlet
- 1875 RPM, 1/35 HP creating 176 CFM (F.A.)