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2" HoofCast Orthopedic Casting Tape

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Detailed Description

  • Hoofcast is a resin impregnated mesh casting material that is an affordable and user-friendly option for the treatment of hoof problems where support and protection are needed.
  • Hoofcast provides protection from wear, helps strengthen and stabilize the hoof capsule and is excellent for therapeutic applications.
  • It is wrapped dry with the help of adhesive holding the first layer, then wetted to activate the resin and cure it.

  • Dry Technique
  • Available in Two Sizes: 2 x 4 yds & 3 x 4 yds
  • Resin Impregnated Mesh Fabric

  • Resin impregnated mesh fabric conforms to the hoof, provides support, wear protection and stabilizes the whole hoof.
  • Two sizes gives the user a choice depending on hoof size.
  • Dry technique provides much greater working time and control by allowing the user the choice when to activate and cure the resin.

Spedifications: M
Material: Resin Impregnated Mesh Fabric
Size: 2 x 4 yds

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