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Coal Forges

A quality coal forge is an essential item for every blacksmith or farrier. Centaur Forge designs and manufactures all our coal forges right here in Wisconsin. The efficiency of your forge can affect the overall quality of your metalwork. Be sure to choose a blacksmith coal forge built by a company that truly understands and supports its customers. Along with our proprietary line of coal forges, you'll also find electric and highly engineered, hand-cranked blowers designed to fit with all of our Centaur Forge coal forges.

What Is a Coal Forge?

A coal forge is a vessel that uses bituminous coal to heat metal. It works essentially as a hearth or fireplace that's designed to create a controllable fire that will give the blacksmith or farrier the ability to make metal malleable. It can also help achieve other metallurgical effects, such as hardening, annealing and tempering. The blacksmith controls the coal forge by the amount of air intake, the volume of fuel and the shape of the fire.

Blacksmith Coal Forges for Sale

Centaur Forge's experienced sales and customer support team are here to help you choose the right coal forge for your needs. We can help guide you through the many different forge, blower and component choices. From our 24-Inch Wide Forge with Dumping Ashgate to our 30-Inch Wide Coal Forge with Dumping Ashgate and Hood, we offer a varied selection to ensure you have enough room and stability for your needs. Contact us to purchase a coal forge made by the experts at Centaur Forge. Order your new blacksmith coal forge today.