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Coke Forges for Blacksmiths and Farriers

Thousands of years of forge evolution have led to the creation of today's best coke forges. They house modern technology capable of maximizing the incredible potential of industrial coke. Coke is an invaluable source of fuel that can now be produced synthetically, allowing you to forge, hammer, and press to your heart's content and your customers' demands.

The Industry's Most Versatile Coke Forges

Our coke forges are Centaur Forge made pieces, each carefully created to be a permanent centerpiece in your shop. Select from different versions of our finely crafted coke forge each with its own set of features intended to satisfy the demands of your practice.

Coke forges are available with sliding and dumping ashgates, with or without blowers, and can be bought with hoods or by themselves. Having so many options to choose from allows you the freedom to work with metal inside or out, in a shop as large or as small as you want it to be.

Count on Centaur Forge to deliver professional-grade blacksmith and farrier coke forges that are just as accessible to hobbyists as they are to experienced professional farriers and blacksmiths. You may never need another forge again when you buy from Centaur Forge.

Coke Forge Problems? Talk to Us

We don't think you'll run into problems when you use our superior-quality coke forges. But if you do, we have an exceptionally well-trained and friendly customer service staff ready to help you solve them. Centaur Forge puts the same time and effort into assembling a robust customer service team as we do into meticulously building the best coke forges for sale on the market, and we think you'll notice the difference.

Talk to us about your farrier and blacksmith projects and we'll make sure you find the coke forge for sale that fits your needs today.