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Vector Horseshoe Nails

Vector Horseshoe Nails

Vector horseshoe nails have been recommended by professionals in various equine fields for many years. That's because each Vector nail is made from cold-rolled steel for a smoother finish, higher durability, and incredible clinch.

Opt for Vector horseshoe nails when your horse's work requires maximum effort in tough conditions. Or try one of Vector's specialized innovations such as their one-of-a-kind race nails.

V-Trak Nails

For superior traction and added security, try Vector's newest addition to their horseshoe nail lineup, the V-Trak nail. The nail head's hard facing ensures little to no movement when compared to competing nails in general use and racing conditions.

Race Nails

Vector's race horseshoe nails sport a lightweight design that retains the durability and control of Vector's similar offerings without sacrificing speed.

City Head Nails

City Head horseshoe nails from Vector have slimmer shanks compared to standard nails, which keeps hoof wall damage low and makes driving more reliable, safer, and easier.

Centaur Forge Houses Horseshoe Nail Knowledge

Buying and shipping your Vector horseshoe nails guarantees you first class customer service and the lowest flat rate shipping costs in the USA. Talk to us about your farrier and blacksmith projects and we'll make sure you find the Vector horseshoe nails that fit your needs today.