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Liberty Copper Coated #5 City Head Nails

Liberty Copper Coated #5 City Head Nails
Item Number: CUL5C250

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Detailed Description

  • Material: Copper Coated
  • Box Size: 250
  • A: 4.3mm
  • D: 7.3mm
  • H: 50mm
  • K: 8.2mm
  • Weight: 1.60

  • In addition to all of the same great features of the regular Liberty nail, Liberty Cu horseshoe nails include Copper (Cu) Shield Technology.
  • This technology provides more protection than traditional horseshoe nails.
  • Hoof wall, white line and sole are stronger and healthier when Liberty Cu nails are used on a daily basis.
  • The Copper(Cu) Shield Technology is unique to Kerckhaert and Liberty Cu horseshoe nails.

  • Packed in secure plastic boxes.
  • Accurate bevels and points.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Made with Cu Shield Technology.
  • Excellent material and finish.

  • Great fit.
  • Outstanding results.
  • Cu Shield Technology eliminates rust and deterioration of nail strength.
  • Material is optimum for clinching.
  • Finish and points enable smooth driving.
  • Consistency in quality.
  • No rust or wear inside the hoof wall.
  • Stronger, healthier hooves.
  • Hoof/horn quality improves.

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