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Farrier & Forging Hammers

It's one of the basic tools of the professional blacksmith and farrier; the hammer provides the strength and leverage to form, shape, drive, and clip, enabling masterful manipulation of metal and hoof. Each hammer is built in a unique shape with varying weight and function to answer your blacksmithing and farrier needs as specifically as possible.

Blacksmith Forging Hammers

Our forging hammers range from German pattern hammers to straight and cross-pein hammers for blacksmithing demands both basic and advanced. These hammers are ultra-tough and made to last through countless sessions of metalwork. Grips are crafted from quality woods and finished to give that custom-grip feel that makes the blacksmith hammer all your own.

Farrier Horseshoeing Hammers

Clipping a horseshoe is a highly precise task that combines several skills and techniques. To get the most out of your clip-forging technique, you'll need a clipping hammer that is well-balanced to avoid twisting and carefully constructed to provide shock absorption and toughness. Check out our other farrier horseshoe hammers, too!

Specialty Forging & Farrier Hammers

Not all hammers fit neatly into broad categories. In our specialty hammer section, you'll find hammers precision-built to respond to specialized blacksmithing and farrier demands. Look through our specialty hammers for grooving, bordering, embossing, chasing, and planishing hammers, as well as hammers built from specialty materials.

Famous Centaur Forge Customer Service for Forging and Farrier Hammers

Just as a quality hammer responds perfectly to metal, a quality customer service department should respond overwhelmingly to customer concerns. We want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Centaur Forge products, and we've designed a customer service solution that does so. Talk to us about your farrier and blacksmith projects and we'll make sure you find the forging and farrier hammers that fit your needs today.