Black Patina Stain, 12 oz. Spray Can

Black Patina Stain, 12 oz. Spray Can
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Detailed Description

Patina Stains are blended to match chemical or traditional patinas, but are easier to apply and manage. They are UV stable.

These stains may be sprayed, brushed, or rubbed on any metal. They may be thinned to produce a lighter shade. One gallon of Patina Stain covers approximately 300 sq/ft. For best results, over-spray with Clear Guard EF after application.

The stains are available in bronze, brass, copper, silver, hot rolled, rust, red, yellow, verde (copper green), blue, violet, black (gun bluing or PC9), brown for copper metal, and brown for all other surfaces. The standard environmentally friendly formula has low VOC, no solvent odor, and may be thinned with Clear Guard EF or Sculpt Nouveau Solvent Thinner.

Patina Stains are also available in 12oz. spray cans in every color. Spray cans are only shipped by ground.

Patina Stain Application Instructions:

1. Clean metal with Sculpt Nouveau Metal Cleaner.
2. Dilute the Patina Stain 1 to 1 with Sculpt Nouveau Solvent Thinner or Clear Guard EF.
3. For the most even and clean distribution, apply the Patina Stain with an airbrush or other spray equipment.
4. With a cloth, wipe the surface with thinner to leave the Patina Stain in the recessed areas. Alternatively, Black Wax may be used to darken the recessed areas.