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Patinas and Finishes for Iron, Steel and Aluminum

Patinas and Finishes for Iron, Steel and Aluminum
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Detailed Description

  • By: Ron Young
  • Time: 1Hr-20Mins
  • Disc: 1
  • Format: DVD

  • Learn how to apply over 20 incredible patinas to Iron, Steel, and Aluminum.
  • Finishing techniques for these metals include patina formulas that go directly on to the metal surface, dyes that may be applied directly to the metal or over the patina, liquid metal coatings with patinas, and leafing with patinas or dyes over it.
  • Begin with safety, tools, surface preparation, and end with clear protective coatings and waxes. This video covers all the latest finishes!
  • As an added bonus, you'll see ceramic, glass, and wood applications!
  • Ron Young has been working with patinas for over 35 years.
  • These years of knowledge are simplified into 90 minutes of patina techniques.
  • Each patina is thoroughly explained and demonstrated.

  • Ron Young received his MA in Art from California State University; Long Beach then received another MFA from the University of California; Los Angeles.
  • He studied bronze casting with the Pomadora brothers in Italy receiving a Roman Art Degree and also studied art at the University in Mexico City.
  • He is currently a professor of art of California State University, Long Beach, and Palomar College in San Marcos, California.
  • In addition to these colleges he has been appointed to a faculty position at the University in Cape town, South Africa where he has just returned from a commissioned stay.
  • Ron has taught at and been director of many institutions including the Academy of Art in San Francisco and the Johnson Atelier, Princeton, New Jersey.
  • He is the author of two widely read books: Methods for Modern Sculptors and Contemporary Patination.
  • Ron now has a series of videos on metal finishes and patinas; he has conducted numerous semininars throughout the word, and is known internationally for his patinas.
  • Ron Young's art interest is with Pre-Columbian cultures and his vast knowledge of patination can be seen when looking at his work, which is shown in galleries throughout the world.

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