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St. Croix Steel Horseshoes

Note: Prices shown are per pair.

The St. Croix forge is the main producer of steel horseshoes in the North American market. Their focus is on producing a complete range of shoes to meet every shoeing need. St. Croix horseshoes are for sale worldwide and are very popular in the USA.

The St. Croix Forge Horseshoe Difference

The steel experts at St. Croix understand the trials of the farrier and horsemaster. Accordingly, they produce shoes with remarkable features such as:

  • Superior control - clean angled steel keeps your horse in full control as it navigates rough terrain in the high country and fights through inclement weather in the low country.
  • Increased traction - special construction allows your horses to enjoy long-lasting traction on nearly any ground, but it excels in terrain that pushes the limits of geographical variation.

All-Around St. Croix Horseshoe Superiority

Specializing in sport and racing markets has allowed the smiths at St. Croix forge to enjoy a deep understanding of how a horseshoe can affect the performance of all horses, from the strongest and most skilled to the mounts in need of advanced training.

Their all-around shoes, specially crafted to support horses who perform a variety of functions, come in a multitude of designs specific to the fit and build of your horse. Select from Heel and Toe, Lite and Rims, Sure Fit, and other exciting St. Croix horseshoe types.

Rest assured that no matter your selection, if your horseshoe bears the St. Croix Forge name, you can count on a product that will last a long time through a mountain of challenges.

Shoes from Centaur Forge Come with Customer Service Built-In

Ordering your St. Croix shoes from Centaur Forge isn't just a checkout process. We also stay ready with a highly trained and professional customer service staff fully prepared to answer any questions you have about our best products. Talk to us about your farrier and blacksmith projects and we'll make sure you find the St. Croix horseshoes that fit your needs today.