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Size 4 - Front - Natural Balance Aluminum - Unclipped

Size 4 - Front - Natural Balance Aluminum - Unclipped
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Sold per pair or 10 pair per box.

Available Sizes:
  • Size #00 - W=4.50" x L=4.50"
  • Size #0 - W=4.75" x L=4.75"
  • Size #1 - W=5.00" x L=5.00"
  • Size #2 - W=5.25" x L=5.25"
  • Size #3 - W=5.50" x L=5.50"
  • Size #4 - W=5.75" x L=5.75"

Special Design Features:
  • The Aluminum Natural Balance® Shoe is a wide-web, rolled toe shoe which offers maximum support to the hoof.
  • The toe area on the foot side is seated out to eliminate sole contact beneath the tip of P-3.
  • The toe portion of the shoe is reinforced and offers greater mass which means more material for wear.
  • There is no wear plate in the shoe, therefore the toe can wear back as the foot grows in length.
  • This allows the foot to stay in "Natural Balance" through the shoeing period.
  • This feature sets the aluminum NBS aside from most steel shoes.
  • The arched roll at the toe allows the horse easy access to his individual position for breakover.
  • The steep shoulders of the shoe between the heels help to hold ground material in this region to provide caudal support to the frog and digital cushion.
  • The Aluminum NB shoe is made of a forged aluminum alloy that is heat treated for added hardness.
  • This combination offers a light, yet durable shoe for optimal performance.

Possible Uses:
  • The Aluminum Natural Balance® Shoes are used for a wide variety of disciplines ranging from hunter & jumpers to gaming & speed event horses.
  • The aluminum NBS have been used with success for training on the race track, and have shown improved times and less fatigue and interference on endurance rides.
  • Show horses and rodeo horses find the wide-web aluminum to be beneficial for traction, and the design helps keep the horses from interfering & forging.
  • Lastly, when used in conjunction with a Natural Balance Pad and sole support impression material, minor chronic lameness problems can be effectively treated.