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Size 2 - Front - Mustad Equi-Librium - Quarter Clipped

Size 2 - Front - Mustad Equi-Librium - Quarter Clipped
Item Number: EQUIL2FC

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Detailed Description

  • Material: Steel
  • Size: 2
  • Discipline: Cross-county, Dressage, English Pleasure, Eventing, Show, Pleasure Riding, Jumping
  • Terrain: Turf, Grass, Sand 
  • Pattern: Front
  • Clips: Quarter Clipped
  • FIA Inches:
  • Length (IN):
  • Width (IN):
  • Thickness (mm):
  • Recommended Nail: ESL 4 
  • Other Nail Options:
  • Cu or Regular or Both: B
  • Weight:

  • Designed at a leading Netherlands University, Olympic Champions and Endurance Performers world wide have confirmed the success of the science driven design offered by the Mustad Equi-Librium sport horseshoe.

  • Equi-Librium design came from lengthy research to develop a shoe that could accurately facilitate the mechanical function and support needed for the Sport discipline equine.
  • The advantages have spread into this designs ability to help horses with therapeutic needs.
  • From everyday horses to Olympic level competitors, the Equi-Librium is Mustad's solution to the ever demanding equine needs.
  • The wide supportive toe on the foot is complimented with the long accurate mechanical solution on the ground.
  • This combination allows proper ligament and tendon tension for optimal stride performance while reducing toe leverage and possible joint abuse.
  • Full heel support, sole relief, beautiful clips and a V-crease for a tight nail fit make this one of our proudest shoes available on today's market.

Features Include:
  • Lateral branch slightly stronger.
  • Extra wide toe area is forged with a 2-dimensional convex curve allowing fluent breakover in any direction.
  • Center mass matches the Center of Pressure during mid-stance of the horse creating a perfectly balanced hoof.
  • Inside edge of the ground surface's concave section is balanced to reduce weight and mud build up.
  • Concave section and crease do not run through the heels to improve support during landing.
  • Full heels allow forging a variety of individualized alternatives to the heel area.
  • Beveled edges, sole relief and flush clips are all standard.
  • V-crease for better nail positioning and seating of Mustad Nails.