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Size 1 - Front - Natural Balance Aluminum PLR BAR Shoes - Unclipped

Size 1 - Front - Natural Balance Aluminum PLR BAR Shoes - Unclipped
Item Number: PLREGG1

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Available Sizes:
  • Size #000 - W=4.25" x L=4.375"
  • Size #00 - W=4.50" x L=4.625"
  • Size #0 - W=4.75" x L=4.875"
  • Size #1 - W=5.00" x L=5.125"
  • Size #2 - W=5.25" x L=5.375"
  • Size #3 - W=5.50" x L=5.625"
  • Size #4 - W=5.75" x L=5.875"
  • Size #5 - W=6.00" x L=6.125"

Special Design Features:
  • Optimized Multi-Directional Breakover Relief.
  • Tapered Heel to Reduce Heel Impact Forces.
  • Available in a FLAT Version ONLY.
  • The Aluminum PLR BAR shoe is milled from a hardened aluminum alloy.
  • This material offers a light, yet durable shoe for optimal performance.

Possible Uses:
  • The Aluminum PLR BAR Shoes are a great treatment tool for a variety of lameness issues and pathologies such as collateral ligament lesions, ring bone, coffin joint disease, quarter cracks, navicular syndrome and many more.
  • In addition to lots of treatment applications, the PLR BAR shoe offers great caudal foot support, traction and leverage reduction for many of today's competitive athletes, especially those that work on arena surfaces.