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Size 1 - Front - Mustad Equi-Librium - Quarter Clipped

Size 1 - Front - Mustad Equi-Librium - Quarter Clipped
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Equi-Librium front side clips

Special designed balance and breakover for welfare and athletic performance of the horse.

Type: Front Model: Typical left right Clips: side clips Size: 3*0 - 4 Proportional, all shoe dimensions change per size

The Mustad EXL nail has a very nice fit in the Equi-Librium shoe.

Further we advise the following types of Mustad nails for this product: - E nail - E-slim nail

Description The design of the Equi-Librium horseshoe is the end result from an extensive scientific research project at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Welfare and athletic performance of the horse took centre stage and special designed balance and breakover are key features of this shoe. The shoe is now also tested in practice and were proud to say that many top sport horses achieve their successes on these shoes. Overall, Equi-Librium is a sport shoe for performance horses and all horses that have to make (fast) turns in their work. The proven beneficial effects of this shoe can also aid horses suffering from an overload injury of the distal limb in their rehabilitation process.

Model Although the design of the Equi-Librium appears symmetrical some anatomical adaptations are made resulting in a definite left and right shape. The outside branch is slightly longer, with the nail holes punched a fraction coarser for optimum fitting and nailing on.

The extra wide toe area is forged with a 2 dimensional convex curve allowing the horse to fluently breakover in any direction required. Special care was taken to ensure that the centre of mass of the shoe matches the Centre of Pressure (CoP) during mid-stance of the hose, thereby creating the perfectly balanced hoof.

The inside edge on the ground surface has a balanced concave section in order to reduce weight. This also assists in reducing the build up of mud around the shoe. Both the concave section and the crease do not run through the heels in order to improve support during landing and to provide a perfect base for stud holes. Having full heels also gives the farrier the option of forging a variety of innovative alternatives in the heel area of the shoe.

Additional features All dimensions and section have been optimized for each shoe size giving an optimal shoe fit and a limited shoe range. Broken edges, sole relief and flush clips are standard features on all shoes. Unclipped models of this shoe are available.

The V-crease and nail holes provide a perfect fit with the specified Mustad nails which reduce the risk of shoe loss.