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Shoeing To Win by Leonard Crotts

Shoeing To Win by Leonard Crotts
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Detailed Description

  • By: Leonard Crotts
  • Pages: 183
  • Softcover
  • 250+ Black & White Photos & Illustrations

  • "When it came to shoeing a horse, Leonard was an artist", says Mark Miller, owner of Al-Marah Arabian Horses. "He also had the rare gift of being able to explain his art in writing. This is why you will love this book."
  • Leonard Crotts classic work, Shoeing To Win is a compendium of horse lore, common sense training advise and a rich source of information on the art of working iron as it relates to the horse.
  • Any person who owns, ride, trains horses or works with iron will read this book with great interest.
  • Shoeing To Win reflects the accumulated experience of the top-flight horsemen and craftsmen with whom Leonard was associated in his many years in the horse game.
  • He pursued all aspects of the sporting life with a burning passion and combined his love affair of hoses with an expertise in other areas included writing and hose show announcing.