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SM-13 - Double S Slider - 1-1/4" x 13" - Unclipped

SM-13 - Double S Slider - 1-1/4
Item Number: DBS13SM

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Double S Slider ''SM''
1 1/4'' Tapered Heel Futurity Plate. Size 13

The Futurity Plate has more of a tapered heel than the original. The Double S Slider featured a tapered heel, beveled toe, four nail holes (punched for PS5 or RN 4.5) and a great easy fit shape. Made in Italy. For those of you who are reordering, the last number of the size is what is punched on the shoe. For example, if the shoe is punched with a 0, it is a size 10 (000), not a 0; punched with a 2 is a 12 (0).