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Natural Balance Aluminum Horseshoes

Natural Balance is a company that takes the biochemical needs of horses' feet into consideration when crafting their horseshoes. When you choose a Natural Balance aluminum horseshoe for your horse, you're providing it with support and protection their hooves need in a domestic environment. Built with a squarer hoof in mind, Natural Balance shoes offer a natural foundation that allows for optimal performance. Centaur Forge offers Natural Balance horseshoes for sale to provide farriers with additional options to eliminate hoof capsule distortion, relieve break over, and reduce tension.

What are the Benefits of Natural Balance Horseshoes?

Farriers, horse owners, and equine veterinarians have been discussing the benefits of Natural Balance shoes since they came onto the market. Natural Balance shoe design was built upon studying feral horse hoof patterns and anatomy, but the shoe is designed for domestic horses. Four-point shoeing can reduce stress on the horse's navicular bone and release tension on tendons.

Natural Balance believes in individualized feet and helping your horse land slightly heel first. While it isn't the right choice for every horse, it's a valid farrier philosophy and has worked well for thousands of horses. Closely consider your horse's needs before purchasing horseshoes and see if Natural Balance shoes could be the right fit.

Naturally Balance: Your Horse's Shoes

Centaur Forge has Natural Balance horseshoes for sale so you can make the right choices for your horses. Our customer service representatives are passionate about horses and have the knowledge to help you. Contact us today to buy your Natural Balance horseshoes.

NOTE: Prices shown are per pair.