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Mustad Horseshoe Nails

Mustad Horseshoe Nails

Mustad boasts one of the lengthiest histories of any horseshoe nail manufacturer. Their origin dates back to 1832, and they have stood the test of time. The horseshoe nail design team at Mustad prides themselves on their ability to forge hoof care products that outpace their competition.

Regular Head Nails

Mustad regular head horseshoe nails are crafted to serve heavyweight horses, including draft horses and those that must walk across treacherous terrain. The regular head nail's superior strength and durability lend themselves to high-impact and rough-terrain work while maintaining comfort and precision.

Concave Nails

The unique concave design of Mustad's concave horseshoe nails keeps each nail from twisting in the nail hole. Mustad's PITCH® technology keeps the nail in the fullering at the intended angle, which keeps hoof wall stress to a minimum. The extra-long shank and point precision make nail-driving a breeze.

Race Nails

Ensuring optimal speed and comfort for racing horses requires extra-special considerations such as the extra-slim shank, short neck, and crowned head of Mustad's race-type horseshoe nails.

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