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Mustad #4 Concave Nails, 250 per box

Mustad #4 Concave Nails, 250 per box
Item Number: CONCAVE4250

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Detailed Description

  • Material: Steel
  • Box Size: 250
  • A: 6.02mm
  • D: 9.22mm
  • H: 54.55mm
  • K: 7.65mm
  • Weight: 0.1 oz.

  • The Mustad Concave features an angled head for optimized driving.
  • The Concave name suggests the fit of the nail head when it is set into the horseshoe, flush with the ground surface.
  • Having the extra length in the blade and reducing the outside angle of the head provides the perfect opportunity to maintain pitch and achieve the nail height you want.