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Liberty Hybrid 3 Nails, 250 count box

Liberty Hybrid 3 Nails, 250 count box
Item Number: HY3250

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48 mm

Liberty Hybrid is similar to the Mustad Concave horseshoe nail but a features a head and throat that are taller than the normal E-Slim and will fit well in Concave style shoes.

KEY FEATURES Extra strong & durable
Stronger head, yet longer and finer shaft
Flush fitting with the ground surface, for better weight distribution

Extra pitch
Extra pitch means less stress on the nail head, which makes the nail even more durable

Extra length
Longer than ESL and finer than LX
Higher nailing
Stronger clinches
Perfect in combination with pads

Less damage to the hoof
Extra smooth finish, extra sharp point: Less damage to the inside of the hoof and less chipping on the outside
Bevelled edges, finer shaft: less nail displacement
Less pressure on living tissue
Great choice for sensitive hooves