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Liberty #8 Regular Head Nails, 250 count box

Liberty #8 Regular Head Nails, 250 count box
Item Number: L8RH250

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Detailed Description

  • Material: Steel
  • Box Size: 250
  • A: 5.6mm
  • D: 9.0mm
  • H: 63mm
  • K: 10.6mm
  • Weight: 3.35

  • Regular head nails have a larger head than the City styles.
  • The shank of the nail is also proportionately larger than City styles.
  • They are used for resets but are also used for horses that are working on difficult terrain or have traction devices that create more stress on the nails.
  • Larger regular head nails are used for Draft or other work horses.
  • They are also used for gaited horse disciplines that are shod with thicker steel.

  • Packed in secure plastic boxes
  • Highly polished finish
  • Consistently sharp points
  • Excellent steel

  • Finish and points enable smooth driving
  • Material is optimum for clinching
  • Consistency
  • Far fewer unuseable nails

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