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Kerckhaert Horseshoes

Prices shown are per pair.

The name Kerckhaert is synonymous with innovation in horseshoes. They push the boundaries of horseshoe technology so far that they've had to create families for their countless horseshoe variations. Centaur Forge is proud to carry Kerckhaert aluminum horseshoes as yet another path to optimum comfort and health for your horses.

Aluminum Shoes Are the Future

Kerckhaert's aluminum shoes take the strength of aluminum, the metal of choice for today's automobile industry, and integrate it with the superior shape of steel Kerkchaert horseshoes. The drop forge technique improves the durability of already ultra-strong aluminum to ensure that rough terrain and adverse weather won't compromise the performance of your horses.

The result is a lightweight, incredibly durable shoe made to preserve the health of your horse's hooves while easing the work of the farrier. It's designed with international farrier demands in mind, which makes it the perfect shoe for a variety of equine activities.

Comfort for Sport and Pleasure Riders

Drop-forged aluminum allows for a highly superior front shape that's versatile enough for pleasure riders and hunting and sport riders alike.

Kerckhaert shoes leave options open for farriers and riders of all kinds; the shoes are designed with nail holes that allow for fine adjustments and come in both clipped and unclipped versions so you can customize shoes to your requirements.

Centaur Forge Makes It Easy

Ordering your Kerckhaert aluminum horseshoes from Centaur Forge is more than just a checkout process. We also keep a highly trained and professional customer service staff ready to answer any questions you have about our best products. Talk to us about your farrier and blacksmith projects and we'll make sure you find the Kerckhaert shoes that fit your needs today.