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How to Swing a Hammer Like a Girl

How to Swing a Hammer Like a Girl
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Detailed Description

  • By: Doug Lockhart
  • Time: 106 Minutes
  • Disc: 1
  • Format: DVD

  • Years ago, while recovering from a blacksmith related injury, Doug Lockhart made a life-changing discovery.
  • He secretly observed important differences between men and women, while attending various forging seminars.
  • What were these women doing that I didn't do?
  • How did women blacksmiths work differently than I and other men were used to?
  • Women were more effective in surprising ways.
  • Learn the secrets that Doug Lockhart has incorporated into his own style which has allowed him many years of working without injury.
  • Plus, these techniques enable him to bring harmony between fire and steel in a more artistic, flowing manner.
  • Do you want to improve your blacksmithing technique?
  • Watch this video and you will be glad that you learned to swing your hammer like a girl.