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Gregory's Textbook of Farriery

Gregory's Textbook of Farriery
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By Chris Gregory, CJF, FWCF

Gregory's Textbook of Farriery is an incomparable step-by-step handbook on the farrier's craft and a valuable resource if you are involved in any way with the noble horse.

Gregory's Textbook of Farriery is the knowledge put to paper of one of the farrier industry's most durable educators. This textbook was written as a teaching tool, so it is ideal for any course on farriery, equine husbandry, veterinary school, or even the one-on-one apprenticeship situation.

Created by a skilled farrier instructor, this book is like having Chris right next to you, guiding your hands and looking over your shoulder.

Whether you are a veteran of the farrier profession, a novice, or just an interested horseman, this book should be part of your library. You will find yourself referring to it over and over.

Hardcover, 696 pages. Packed with hundreds of color photos and diagrams.