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Equilox Hoof Putty

Equilox Hoof Putty
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Detailed Description

  • Equilox Hoof Puttty has a 3 - 5 minute worklife and an initial set time of 5-7 minutes.
  • When fully cured Equilox Hoof Putty may be filed and drilled.
  • Net Weight 4 oz. (114 grams)

  • Equilox Hoof Puttty adheres to hoof wall. Best results will be achieved if area is first roughened by sanding or filing then cleaned to prepare surface.
  • Starts to harden 2 minutes after mixing. Repair should be in place before hardening starts.
  • A smooth finish can be obtained by rubbing with wet finger or damp cloth before hardening begins.
  • Equilox Hoof Puttty can be drilled and filed after one hour of curing (hardening).
  • Cannot drive nails into hardened putty.
  • Not to be used as a substitute for Equliox in situations that require strength and flexibility.
  • Use for cosmetic purposes only, not intended for permanent repair.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after using Equilox Hoof Puttty.

  • For best results, clean and roughen bond area prior to application.
  • Twist or cut off required amount.
  • To mix, knead with fingers to a uniform color.
  • Apply to surface to be repaired (within 2 minutes of mixing). Force into any cracks or holes to be filled and strike off excess material.
  • For a smooth appearance of the cured compound, hand rub with water or a damp cloth prior to hardening.
  • Remove excess material before hardening begins.
  • After 10 minutes the epoxy will harden and form a tenacious bond.

  • WORKING LIFE o (minutes)…………………………3-5
  • SHELF STABILITY o (months @ 75° minimum……………………….12

  • Magnesium silicate hydrate (14807-96-6)
  • Expoxy resins (25068-38-6)
  • Sodium calcium magnesium silicate (65997-17-3)
  • Polyether polymercaptan (Trade Secret)
  • Crystalline silica (14808-60-7)
  • Tri (dimethylaminomethyl)phenol (90-72-2)

  • May cause irritation to sensitive skin. Wash hands with soap and water after use.
  • Eye irritant. In case of eye contact, flush with water. Contact physician.
  • May be harmful if swallowed.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • When sanding cured putty, use protective eye wear and dust mask.
  • Not intended for use in structural hoof wall repairs.

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