EponaShoe Size 5 Wide Open Composite Shoes

EponaShoe Size 5 Wide Open Composite Shoes
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EponaShoe is the premier composite shoe for the health and longevity of your horse. The lightweight construction of the shoe allows that horse to move with more natural biomechanics.
The original EponaShoe, tried and true!

How to determine to correct EponaShoe size for your horse.
On a freshly trimmed horse, use a ruler and measure the foot at its widest point to determine the width. Then measure the center of the foot from heel to toe to determine the length.
The EponaShoe Size 5 Wide measure 6.15" wide and 6.7" from toe to heel

EponaShoes come in two different shapes. Narrow (N) and Wide (W). The wide shoes are more round while narrow shoes are more oval shaped.

If your horse's measurements do not exactly match the shoe size, do not worry. EponaShoes can be nipped, rasped, or grinded up to 1/8" on each side (reducing shoe total width by up to 1/4"). The length of the shoe can be adjusted by taking up to 1/8" off the heel end and up to 1/4" off the toe end. More often than not, no shaping of the shoe is needed at all.

With special application of glue and packing, and a few insider tricks developed by the Epona-Institute, EponaShoes can easily be transformed into a Therapeutic shoe. EponaShoe has proven success in treating heel pain, flat soles, navicular, ringbone, laminitis, and founder.

Making sure your performance horse is comfortable and has the best care possible starts from the ground up. EponaShoe offers unmatched frog support and flexibility. Shock absorption from the special polymer blend is easier on the horse's joints, extending the riding career of the performance horse.

From Freisian, to Warmbloods and even Miniatures, the EponaShoe works. Winners at all levels use EponaShoe. Proven in Dressage, Driving, Jumping, and Western!