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Diamond Horseshoes for Sale

Prices shown are per pair.

Diamond horseshoes from Centaur Forge offer the best in steel horseshoes, including quality steel for durable wear, deeper creases in the shoes, and precise nail punches. Diamond brand horseshoes are one of Centaur Forge's most trusted names in steel horseshoes, among brands like Kerckhaert, St. Croix, and Delta. These shoes are also very popular with craftspeople because of their design and affordability.

Centaur Forge is proud to offer a variety of steel horseshoes from their collection. Purchase Diamond brand horseshoes for your farrier or personal needs today.

Diamond Horseshoes Options

Centaur Forge offers a variety of Diamond horseshoes for sale, including Bronco, Classic, Pony, Special, and Toe Weight steel shoes. Browse our collection above and find the size you need for your farrier shop or personal horses.

The enhancements made to Diamond's horseshoes translate to one of the best steel horseshoes around, no matter the model. When you purchase a Diamond brand horseshoe from Centaur Forge, you're getting a high-performance shoe that will stand the test of time and fit horses securely.

Order Diamond Horseshoes from Centaur Forge Today

If you're looking for competitively priced Diamond horseshoes, it's time to order from Centaur Forge. We offer easy flat rate shipping, and our dedicated customer service staff is here to help you any questions about horseshoes, farrier work, blacksmithing, and more. We carry an extensive line of products that will help you stock your shop, complete your job, or just start a hobby. Give us a call at (800) 666-9175 to get help with your questions or concerns. We'll help you find the Diamond brand horseshoes you need today.