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Cooper Horseshoe Nails

Cooper Horseshoe Nails

Cooper horseshoe nails are manufactured by the Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center, the same makers of Capewell horseshoe nails-known for their premium quality and strength. Just like the original Cooper horseshoe nails from decades ago, today's slim nails allow for an easy clinch and cause less hoof displacement. Centaur Forge offers several varieties of Cooper Lite Nails, which offer the sharp, consistent quality you need for thinly walled hooves, smaller or lighter kegs, and even handmade shoes.

Lite Nails

Cooper Lite Nails are slim blades which drive into horseshoes more easily than many other horseshoe nails. They displace far less hoof and clinch more easily, making for a seamless procedure when affixing your horseshoes. Choose Cooper Lite horseshoe nails for everyday use or special horseshoe applications.

Centaur Forge offers #5, #10, and #12 Lite Nails from Cooper, giving you the variety you need for horses with hoof issues or specific needs. Choose Cooper Lite horseshoe nails when you need a nail that drives in easy, has clean, sharp edges, and won't displace the horse's hoof too much.

Centaur Forge Customer Service

Here at Centaur Forge, we believe that ordering your Cooper horseshoe nails should be more than a simple online checkout. We want to hear from you. Our expertly trained staff are here to answer your questions about our full line of products, farrier work, or blacksmithing. We carry a full range of horseshoe nails, including Delta, Liberty Nails, Mustad, Vector, and more.

Call us at (262) 763-9175 to learn more about our offerings and for help on your latest project. We'll help you choose the right Cooper horseshoe nails and other items you need today.