Chris Gregory Hoof Knife RH Long w/Rooster Tail

Chris Gregory Hoof Knife RH Long w/Rooster Tail
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A Revolution In Hoof Knife Design!

Through the ancenstral blade wisdom of fourth generation knife makers of Frosts and the lknowledge and expertise of a farrier industry icon, Chris Gregory, the collection is born.

The Chris Gregory collection of hoof knives are the result of many years of experience from famous knife makers Morkniv/Frost and Chris Gregory. They came together in 2011 to develop this new knife, and it has become the choice of top farriers everywhere. The blade is a low-stain, high carbon steel that is hard enough to hold an edge, yet malleable enough to be sharpened to a razor edge in minutes. The blade comes out of the center of the handle for more power and precision control. Angle and blade slope allow the skilled farrier to make a flawless sole without scallops and lines that are common with scoop and drop blade knives. If you give this knife a day of work, it will most likely become your number one choice of knife.

The Rooster Tail is the name that we gave to the hoof pick on the end of the handle. This is designed to clean out the foot and be an aid for hot fitting. After using a knife with a pick on it, most farriers wonder how they ever got along without it. Cleaning the feet with the rooster tail will save your knife blade by allowing you to get rid of all the potential rocks and dirt that can dull or chip the edge. If you hot fit, you will really like having the extra tool for pushing the shoe into the clip fit, or placing it on one side with the Rooster Tail.


Curved profile from end to end for ergonomic advantage, allowing the skilled farrier to sculpt the sole and frog with best precidions and feel.

Blade designed for optimum slope and cup to the sole.

Aides in gaining the desired angles on the frog and allows for optimum leverage with precision carving.

Made of Supreme High Carbon no Stain Steel.

Exceptional edge retension to ensure long life

Handcrafted in Sweden.